WASTELESS ECO-PACKAGING, the eco-friendly food packaging



Bagasse is made from sugar cane and is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or polystyrene since it is biodegradable and fully compostable at home.
Eco-designed bagasse food packaging is suitable for cold or hot use (up to 100 ° C), is leak-proof and resistant to grease. With this natural and breathable material, the water vapor created by the food can escape in order to preserve the quality of your preparations.
Bagasse-based products are suitable for use in the microwave but neither in the oven nor in the dishwasher.


PLA is an alternative to plastic since it is a biobased and compostable material produced from starch (usually corn). PLA is biodegradable and can also be reprocessed in an industrial composting center.
The PLA is only suitable for your drinks and cold dishes, salads, cheeses, cold meats or desserts. Indeed, from 40 ° C the material can deform, which is also why it is important to transport and store your packaging in a cool environment. Its transparent aesthetic character allows your customers to visualize the content of your eco-responsible packaging.
PLA is not suitable for microwave, oven or dishwasher use.


Kraft is a plastic substitute for cups, lunch boxes and delivery bags. This material is natural, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.
Kraft food packaging can contain cold and hot food and drinks. They are often inside coated with corn starch to keep your mixes waterproof during transport.

Finally, it is possible to put your kraft packaging in the microwave in order to heat their contents.