WASTELESS ECO-PACKAGING, the eco-friendly food packaging

Frequently Asked Questions


For your hot drinks, we recommend our eco-friendly kraft cups. PLA cups cannot be used for hot liquids, we recommend them only for cold drinks.

For a dish with sauce, we recommend the round kraft boxes, available in different formats.

The PLA sauce box is recommended for cold sauces, while the modular bagasse box is recommended for warm and hot sauces.

Be sure to keep your packaging (especially PLA packaging) away from heat and daylight.

The concept of biodegradable packaging refers to a product “liable to be decomposed” (Le Robert French Dictionary). This notion is vague and does not specify either the conditions or the duration of decomposition.

A compostable product is a biodegradable product, but the term “compostable” (domestically or industrially) refers to a degradation limited in time (generally 12 weeks under ideal conditions).


We can ship our products by carton boxes from France and bigger orders anywhere in the world.

In order to become a distributor, please contact us via our contact form.


It is possible to personalize the packaging to your brand. For this, please contact us via the contact form.