WASTELESS ECO-PACKAGING, the eco-friendly food packaging

Kraft cups Convenient for carrying your hot drinks.

Kraft paper is a natural biodegradable material
which is recycled after use.

It can contain your coffees, teas, soups
or other hot liquids.
Bagasse burger box Bagasse is made from the fibrous residue
of sugar cane and is compostable.

These boxes can accommodate
your dishes and desserts.
to wrap all your recipes
Paper bag the best eco-friendly solution!

The paper is of recycled origin
and of course recyclable.

Discover our selection of bags
in many formats, with twisted or flat handles.
They are made in Europe and FSC certified.

Eco-friendly food packaging

WASTELESS ECO-PACKAGING is an eco-friendly food packaging brand intended for food businesses or catering professionals offering a take-away or delivery service.
Our range adapts to all sectors, all occasions and all foods: cups for hot or cold drinks, lunch or dessert boxes, accessories and paper bags!
Since the ecological transition is at the heart of our concerns, all our products are designed from natural, plant (biobased) or recycled materials.
Beyond the eco-design of our food packaging, we also wanted our products not to become polluting waste after use and that they be part of a circular economy logic. All our items are therefore biodegradable, recyclable or compostable.

Context in France

The catering market
has tripled in 10 years *
livraison rapide
Delivery and takeaway:
between 2018 and 2019 + 8.1% *
click and collect
+51% of click and collect
in 2 years *
restauration rapide
Fast food:
+ 18% in 18 years *

Source Fédération nationale des Boissons (entre 2008 et 2018)


Depending on your requirements and the desired volumes,
our eco-friendly food packaging range can
also be customized in the image of your business or restaurant.


For our eco-friendly food packaging brand WASTELESS ECO PACKAGING,
we made the selection of biobased, biodegradable, recyclable and/or compostable materials.




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